Technology for Surface Mount Assemblies

Designing and manufacturing surface mount assemblies requires a unique technology. Known as Surface Mount Technology, or SMT, this method is what engineers use to produce electronic circuits found in components placed or mounted directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards. Once completed, the product is known as a Surface Mount Device, or SMD.   Today, the… Continue reading Technology for Surface Mount Assemblies

Printed Circuit Board

The Making of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards, also referred to as PCBs, are a self-contained module comprised of interconnected electronic components. Formed by a very thin layer of conducting material that is printed onto the surface of an insulating board or substrate, these boards are commonly used for multiple purposes, including radios, computer systems, radars, beepers, pagers, and so… Continue reading The Making of Printed Circuit Boards

Cable Assemblies

Different Types of Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies come in a variety of options to include multi-conductor, coaxial/RF, wire and cable harnesses, complex military, flat ribbon, custom electro-mechanical, and more. Although there are similarities, there are variations as well. For instance, surface mount assemblies, which are sometimes referred to as wiring assemblies or cable harnesses, consist of a group of cables,… Continue reading Different Types of Cable Assemblies

Printed Circuit Board

Building Better Products with Surface Mount Contract Manufacturing

Surface Mounting Technologies (SMT) have dramatically changed modern-day manufacturing. Although customers and manufacturers have already identified a number of benefits, it seems that additional benefits surface every year. For example, compared to the more conventional through-hole design of circuit boards, engineers using Surface Mount Technology to mount components onto the surface of the board directly,… Continue reading Building Better Products with Surface Mount Contract Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board

Through Hole versus Surface Mount Technology

For mounting electronic components, two technologies are typically used. These include through-hole technology and surface-mount technology. While both technologies achieve the desired outcome, their processes and advantages are unique. Through-Hole Technology For this particular mounting method, leads are inserted into drilled holes on a bare printed circuit board (PCB). In addition to being referred to… Continue reading Through Hole versus Surface Mount Technology